Monday, April 4, 2011

Reason 1,001 to love Gwen Stefani

As if I couldn't love Gwen any more than I already do, I have another reason to add to my ever-expanding list. Gwen, herself, is hosting an event to help out with the crisis in Japan. According to the ND website:,

"Gwen will be hosting an event to raise additional money for Save the Children’s Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund. This exclusive experience will be hosted by Gwen personally and is available only through this auction.  In addition to the event auction, Gwen has designed a limited edition Harajuku Lovers t-shirt that is available for purchase immediately.  Other auction items will include vintage L.A.M.B. items straight from Gwen's closet and limited edition t-shirts with special custom labels, signed and numbered by Gwen." 

How cool is that? Fans have a chance to bid on being at the event, which will be held at Royal/T, a Japanese cafe in Los Angeles. Not a fan of auctions and bidding? You can still help! Buy one of the limited edition t-shirts. They are so cute and hella stylish! You go, Gwen!

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