Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretty Pastels

So it has been nearly a decade since i've last been on here (yes, i'm exaggerating) but i'm back! Although the fashion world does not stop-and-go like my life, I decided to take a little break--I wasn't feeling the most inspired. There was a little something to get me out of my design-rut and back behind my Sony at the graces of Jadore Lucy. This little gem is sherbert. A little dish of this orange confection was just the treat! The loveliness of of pastels have sparked my creative side. They are perfect for summer and work the best as a pop of color in an outfit. Whether it be as a manicure or a handbag, it's the perfect palette to get you out of your AC and out on the town!

Kate Spade Vanston bag

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry pastels

Lauren Conrad's new do

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