Sunday, July 8, 2012

POC: Pop of Color

We didn't have any big plans for this weekend, so lounging around was top priority. But then we decided to get a new mattress--not just a new one, a king-sized new one. We had been sleeping on a full size for a while but decided to upgrade. Sounds fun and exciting, right? Well it would have been if I had some upper muscle strength (we had to carry the old mattress and its parts down a flight of stairs) and if it didn't decided to pour outside on Saturday when they delivered the new one. Well, now that it's in I can have a sigh of relief!

Oh, and my outfit is from today when we hit up the Railyard to get some drinks at a local brewery. Pretty low-key, a pop of color in my belt and lipstick and voila!

Nars 'Heat Wave' lipstick, J.Crew shirt, Cole Haan aviators, Gap belt, American Eagle skinnies (old), Banana Republic heels  

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