Thursday, October 28, 2010

And the Season 8 Winner Is...

So tonight is the night! It's time to announce the Project Runway winner. First, i'll recap the runway looks and pick out my favorite. Gretchen started the show. She had a wide variety with great patterns. A lot of the pieces were breezy and ready-to-wear. I was a little disappointed that nothing popped out at me though. It seemed a little boring. Andy was next and I loved his collection. He had a very Oriental-vibe with luxe fabrics. The green dress from his mini collection preview was still my favorite. Like Gretchen though, his was a little boring. Mondo put on the show! Patterns galore and I loved this particular bubble, plaid dress. Also, his skirts were gorgeous; I would wear them all. Nina did mention that his collection looked "teenager" and I guess I would have to agree. So who is it going to be...?
Gretchen is the Season 8 Winner. Congrats, Gretchen!

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