Monday, October 25, 2010

Make it work!

So it's finally here, the week of Project Runway finale! I have been watching religiously all season and have my favorites. Luckily, two of them made it all the way to the final three. Mondo Guerra and Andy South (love them) and Gretchen Jones.  Sadly, Michael Costello didn't make it. He has at the top most of the season, but it's 3-look runway show didn't do it for the judges. They were disappointed in his lack of variation. Michael's idea of a collection was all the items being the same color. (Hey, he tried, right?) I'm going to predict the winner as Mondo because he has been a consistent favorite all season. The judges all love him and his use of color keeps the show interesting. Andy's preview looked very interesting though, especially with all his fabrics from Laos. Who do you think will win?

One of Mondo's looks from the mini collection. Love the skirt!

Andy's mini collection; I love the green dress!

Gretchen's hippy-inspired collection. Not a fan but I haven't seen everything yet.

Fantastic looks by Michael. Stunning!

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