Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Etsy Pick: Unearthed

I read about this shop in my November issue of InStyle, the Best of the Web section. They didn't have any pictures, only a little description about the shop. Something that caught my eye was their description of a 'one of a kind' stingray cuff. "What is that?" I thought. Upon seeing it on Etsy, I fell in love but was a little apprehensive. Upon exploring it further, I found out that the skin is a by-product of fishing industry. Stringray is a popular dish so everything used in this line would be used be thrown as waste. No rare or endangered species were used either. After reading that, I could rest assure. I sure do love fashion, but my passion for marine life definitely outweighs it! Here is the gorgeous cuff that i'm gushing over!

Stingray leather lined cuff

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