Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Natural Wonders

I am a huge fan of genuine gemstone and natural jewelry. When I saw these on Gossip Girl in the first season or so, I fell in love. I had forgotten about them until now. Gemma Redux designs are incredibly popular on the red carpet and in my heart! I love the industrial chains and the shiny stones. GR's designer, Rachel Dooley is a true artist. Her pieces are the perfect combination of hard and soft. Delicate and masculine. The agates and turquoise she uses make me heart melt. Not only is Blake Lively a fan, but my other favorite ladies, January Jones and Jessica Alba. The pieces are chunky and fabulous! All I have to say is that these natural wonders really won me over. A diamond in the rough to say the least!

Lovely pieces from GR

Blake in one of Gemma's pieces

Lovely ladies

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