Saturday, December 4, 2010


Lately I have been obsessed with boots. You're thinking..who hasn't been? Boots have been hot for the last three seasons or more. But they aren't the same Equestrian-esque boots i'm always dreaming over. This time, i'm thinking about laces. What i'm loving is somewhere in between combat boots and a slight, 'Little House on the Prairie'-type. Heel/wedge or none. I love them all. I have found the best on Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie but not sure if I want to spend a lot. I have a feeling, that just like everything else, it's going to be a short-lived trend. But do I care? If I like them...why should it matter? Well, I'll just have to keep shopping around but here are my favorites so far. Cross your fingers for some less inexpensive versions of these beauties!
Relaxed Collar Lace-Ups, Anthropologie

Deena and Ozzy Foldover Boot, Urban Outfitters

Belle by Sigerson Morrison,

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