Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Candy-Coated Collaboration

Whenever I think of Juicy Couture, I think of dreamy scenes featuring cotton candy, balloons and rainbows. What do I think of when Erin Fetherston pops into my mind? Exactly the same thing!! I had noticed a parallel in their design asthetics early on, but now Liz Claiborne's most popular brand is teaming up with guest designer, Erin Fetherston. This collection will extend through early 2011 so get your fill now! Judging from her all-star collaboration with Target, this is sure to be a hit. The Holiday 2010 collection includes all velvet bags and jewelled baubles. Just in time for Christmas! Try not to get too much of a sugar high from this sweet deal!!

The ever-angelic Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston for Juicy Couture velvet clutch

EF for JC chain fringe earrings

EF for JC antique deco ring

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