Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year in Style

Ahh..New Years Eve. I spend a lot of my December month planning the perfect outfit for the event. It's one night when you can get really spiffed up and no one will stare at you in small town, USA (Well they will, but eh, who cares!). This year, we had major plans for getting dressed up and going out. Then, a little something called a blizzard and no travel advised warnings came around. Bummer! So instead of going out on the town, we stayed at home. Therefore, I wasn't able to get fancy (we have two dogs that shed). Dog hair + chic black outfit = completely un-chic. So here's a little lo-down of what I was going to wear.
Happy New Year, everyone! Sharing my love of pretty things has been a great part of my year. Thanks for being a part of it with me. I'm hoping for a terrific 2011! xoxo, MS

Merona scalloped blouse; Erica Lyons beaded bib

It's a toss up between this Tucker for Target gold foil pencil skirt (mentioned in my very first post) and this Merona brocade skirt (given as a gift from my sister). Both are the same length.

A close-up on the Merona blouse, notice the adorable  keyhole on the back!

Simply Vera by Very Wang beaded platforms. They have thick rubber on the bottom to to prevent slippage! Lucy just had to get in the picture! :)

A final view of what I would have worn. I switched out the beaded bib for an Erica Lyons multi-gold chain to pick up the gold strands in the skirt. Also, I'd like to pair black polka dot tights with it!

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