Thursday, December 30, 2010

On and on and on

One of my favorite must haves for the snowy season are infinity scarves. What a cool idea! These definitely take the guessing out of it. You can wrap them around and around, or just loop it once around your neck. I remember my sister and I use to sit and google 'how to tie a scarf' or even it. We seemed to think that there was a certain science to it. But there isn't! It's popular now to create your own variation on the neck scarf, but for those who are still weary--infinity scarves to the rescue! Santa was even kind enough to bring me one this year.

Stay tuned for more of the treasures from under my tree...xoxo

Collection XIIX Ministripe infinity loop scarf

Chunky infinity scarf, Odessete's Shop on Etsy

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