Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thrift Store Steal!

Not only is Santa Fe a great place to find custom works of art, it has a great selection of vintage finds as well. There are quite a few consignment shops, plus thrift stores and antique shops in the city. Upon visiting a new(er) thrift store in Santa Fe, I found some great items! I had my Dad along, and he really enjoyed scoping out things with me. We had a ball! Besides browsing books for a good chunk of our time, he helped me to find a couple vintage dresses for a steal of a price! Here are my two diamonds in the rough that I was lucky enough to snatch up! (One even gave me the inspiration for my new blog header). Enjoy!

Vintage black and white shirtdress, very Mondo

Vintage bronze beaded and satin party dress. I'm thinking of making the hemline shorter.

Zipper detail

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