Monday, January 3, 2011

Sockhoppin' Shoes

I have always been a fan of traditional oxford shoes for men. They are so classic and fancy. In tha last few years, i've noticed that a lot of female celebrities have been seen out and about in them. (Olson twins, Nicole Richie..) I thought maybe I would buy a pair to wear with skinnies, but after trying some on I decided against it. They are so stiff and uncomfortable! I was bummed. Journeys to the rescue! I walked past one and noticed some oxfords. I picked them up and noticed they were very flexible and upon trying them on, decided they were very comforable. Plus, they come in a few colors aside from the traditional black/white. Yippeeeeee! Now I just need to buy some. :)

Not Rated Jazzibel Oxfords in black/white, Journeys

Same shoes in tan

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